Search Engine Optimization is the most effective marketing strategy to attract potential customers to your website. We will work on the optimization of your web page in On-Page and Off-Page SEO to reach the first searches in Google. In our Agency, SEO specialists  use research strategies for the best keywords that can generate business for your brand. We optimize your website or online store in terms of loading speed and user-friendly interface.

Our of SEO services
Analysis Of The Current SEO

We provide preliminary analysis and quick research on the structure and contents of your site in order to achieve the first results in search engines.


Competitive Keywords Analysis

We study the competition of the market's and competitor's to go-through the in-depth analysis of your site to get the keywords analysis.


SEO Copywriting Technique

To modify the contents of the website's from SEO perspective, by inserting the keywords useful for positioning in a discursive manner.



Analyze Meta Tags & URL Structure

Adding and modifying Meta tags essential for ranking on search engines by considering your target and the textual contents of your site.

Why you need SEO Service?

Organic Traffic from Google is still one of the highest conversion rates today and the best quality metrics. Being present on Google is no longer an option, but a must, both for small businesses and for big companies. Remember that if you are not there, your competitors are. A good positioning on search engines guarantees you:


  • Improved online visibility
  • Increase in visits and traffic
  • Increase in turnover
  • Brand improvement
Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy

To be the first on search engines it is necessary to optimize your website in every aspect, from the Technical SEO to Content Optimization. At Omesa Web, we use a data-driven strategies, which is based on data analysis and the study of performing strategies.


  • Prior Ranking Analysis
  • SEO Audits
  • SEO Strategies
  • SEO Reports

With analysis in hand and the strategies are ready, now it’s time to begin the ON-page SEO optimization. First of all, we will review and adjust the current structure of your website, which is essential for both correct indexing and obtaining good organic ranking in search engines.


Then the content creation phase will begin, which will follow the keyword research and the editorial plan created in the first phase, the optimization of the code and site performance, such as loading speed, an increasingly important element. This includes numerous on-page optimizations, such as improving permalinks and creating SEO friendly URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and article formatting based on web-writing and SEO techniques.


Content is an important positioning factor, but links remaining one of the first ranking signals, especially in certain sectors. For this reason, during our SEO strategy and activities, we always pay attention to the management of link building and link earning campaigns for our clients from high authority websites, which are essential for obtaining the best results.

In this phase we deal with the entire off page SEO signals that positively influence the ranking. Only now, with a strategic structure and ready contents, can we start talking about links and Digital PR, to increase brand awareness.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is another important aspect of search engine optimization. Technical SEO makes it easier for search engines to find your content by improving the structure of your website.


Here are some ways we fix common SEO technical issues:


  • Improve site structure
  • Creation of Sitemap
  • Crawling and indexing Optimization
  • Finding the broken & duplicate links
Local SEO
If you have a local presence, you will rank higher in Google’s search results. Our local web positioning puts you on the map and right in front of your target audience’s hungry eyes. Organic search is when people use web search engines to find what they are looking for. It is the most important source of traffic to a website, making SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) one of the most important strategies in which to invest. With millions of other sites competing for users’ attention, SEO is all about standing out from the crowd and ensuring your site has a visible online presence.

We make your goals our own to expand your business; we move mountains to achieve your goals.

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