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Most companies fail to recognize the importance of social media in the modern consumer research process. Omesa Web will assist you in developing an integrated communication strategy and social media marketing approach to reach out to your targeted audience.

Social Based on Trends
Strategy Development

We provide a range of high value social media marketing consultant services through which we help the client achieve tangible results from social activities.


Ads Management

Our social media advertising services will speed up the growth of your business. With advertising through social media, all of our clients have achieved great results.


Content Creation

We provide a range of social media marketing strategies, solutions, and creative content that help you directly or indirectly advertising your offers through online social media.



True Results = Profit

Omesa Web goal is to manage your social media account by providing the optimal service solutions and strategies which make you sell more, earn more, grow more.

Strategic Engagement & Qualitative Results

Today, in the digital world, community management is a massive communication weapon. The need for your company to communicate on social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Vimeo is crucial and becomes obvious.


Our team specialized in digital marketing and social network management which guides you to make the right strategic and digital choices and give your company the positioning it deserves on social media. In the same way, we choose for you a management and a suitable speech and we optimize the interactions with a single goal: to increase your virtual visibility.

At Omesa Web, we strongly believe in the importance of data. For this reason, we carefully analyze the client’s situation and audience in order to have a data-driven approach in our work.

Analysis: We analyze the current state, the results, and the market in order to obtain useful information for the decision-making process.

Sharing: We share the evidence collected with the client by explaining and discussing the idealized strategy.
Programming: We plan all the steps necessary for the implementation of the agreed plan by setting monitoring checkpoints.
Action: We implement all the planned operations to start the strategy.
Repeat: At the end of the period considered, the cycle starts again to analyze the results and make the improvements that emerge from them.

Social Media Presence
Having a presence on social networks is essential for any business today. Many users look for information about a business on social networks, and seeing the interaction of people generates greater trust. Therefore, businesses must have active social networks that generate interactions between users.One of the most mentioned benefits that are pursued with social networks is to increase brand awareness. Users of social networks usually enter several times a day and become familiar with a brand when they find content of interest. Either organically or through ad support, good results can be achieved for the business to gain popularity.
Brand Awareness

Our goal is for your brand to generate feelings of belonging among customers. For this, we can create graphic pieces with high visual impact to spread on the networks. We take care of looking for the sensations and experiences that people have in relation to your brand and the products you offer. In addition, we adapt the content to be published according to each social network to achieve greater public acceptance.

Competitors Analysis

Knowing what your competition is doing now makes it easier to determine what is happening in your industry and what to do to overcome them.


At Omesa Web, we take in charge of monitoring the platforms where your company is located and looking for ways to contact your audience. In addition we also guide you in developing content strategies based on consumer’s preferences. We also Analysis your data collection and allow your marketing agency to make an appropriate decisions for your company’s branding.

Campaigns Set-Up

Social media campaigns tend to be cheaper than Ads and can be targeted specifically to the audience you want to reach. The social campaigns create the need to acquire leads, Ads campaigns the user already needs the service/product and searches on Google.


At Omesa Web, our social media specialists develop the basic data to best determine which platforms are producing the lowest cost per lead with the highest Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). We can help you track and test paid social media campaigns across a variety of platforms

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